Flexibility #3

The boys finished painting the visitor’s kitchen & dining area. The judge sent a child home today who will be in absolute danger. It sickens us.

The children had a special Christmas program & presented it to all of the staff. It was very well done and so heart felt. Each dorm sang & then encircled their house parents & prayed for them.

Josue’ flew back today from Florida and sat next to Charles Barkley former NBA star and member of the Olympic Dream team.

Josue' with Charles Barkley
Josue’ with Charles Barkley


Baby dorm praying for Chad & Abby
Baby dorm praying for Chad & Abby


Do you arise each morning and go through the day without detours? I would think not. And if you are not flexible you will be an emotional wreck eventually. Flexibility is the realization that not everything will go your way and that there will always be unexpected delays and interruptions.

Here in Guatemala if you are going to the airport or to the other side of Guatemala for a four hearing or a medical appointment you will have to leave very early or you will not be there on time. My largest area of flexibility has to be financial. With weekly unexpected costs due to emergencies (surgery) or laboratory cost for sick children or dozens of other expenses I have to be flexible. I must be diligent and prepared for the unexpected. In fact I expect the unexpected will occur.

You cannot get upset and go to pieces when things do not go your way. If you are walking with God He will surprise you throughout your Christian life with change. He told Abraham to get out of his own country and go somewhere he did not know. He told Moses to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let Israel leave. He told Paul……and He will tell you…………….

Be prepared to be  flexible. God changes your plans!!