Diligence #3

Mario and Mariella will be taking Adam and Vilma’s dorm of little girls at the end of the year as the latter move up the mountain and begin their ministry as well as work here at Casa.

The university girls are cleaning the Red visitor’s dorm as we will be moving 5 girls into that area.

Our men’s Bible study & prayer time on Friday evenings is the highlight of my week.


Mario and Mariella are soon to become house parents
Mario and Mariella are soon to become house parents


Have you heard the saying “Give it due diligence”? To me diligence is paying my dues as a Christian. In th natural world people like Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison, Robert Fulton and thousands of other “thinkers” failed literally thousands of times before they invented the telephone, light bulb, steam boat or whatever was an idea within their heart.

They refused to quit. They paid their dues with thousands of hours of planning and experimenting. They were all intelligent but so were millions of other people who never invented anything of importance. Along with their intelligence they had EFFORT. Effort is simply the dues we pay by being diligent.

Diligence means that whatever I am asked to do I am to do it correctly. It has to be functional so you cannot invent half a light bulb or give half your heart to your marriage or to your children or to your church or to your work.

Diligence also must include focus. It is amazing how many people can walk by a dirty bathroom and not clean it. Kids here can walk over bits of paper that later Dottie is picking uo to make Casa more beautiful. They do not focus on what needs to be done.

Focus and do things correctly! Pay your dues with availability and intellect!!