Dedication #6

Lily & I took the child to the city to give him to his adoptive parents.

Two girls needed ultrasounds due to pain so I took them for that when I returned from the city.

The boys in my home painted their bedroom and surprisingly it looks good.

Brother Teddie invited & treated all of the American staff to dinner.

Everyone gets a balloon
Everyone gets a balloon

In looking at Romans 12 we realize that worldliness is the enemy of spirituality. But worldliness is not about what I do or do not do. Worldliness is a world system. It opposes God and everything God wants for us. James says that whoever is a friend of the world is an enemy of God.

The world system is its own religion. It worships itself. The world wants to glorify itself. You can tell it is worldliness when it cares only about itself and does not care about who it hurts. The object of worldliness is MORE. The world wants more and more and more.

Worldliness says “If it feels good then just do it”. The world is not interested in how what we do affects others. The world is a gatherer. It just grabs all it can and the fact it hurts someone else is not a problem. I tell the children here that the world just simply says, “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”.

I must ask myself what is important to me. What do I value? What difference can I make? How does my decision affect those around me?