Dedication #4

The Buen Pastor boys in Alex and Sara’s dorm, all teenagers, pooled their money, bought gifts, candy and present 2 hours of games, dramas and hugs to the baby dorm. I am so proud of their desire to give. All of the staff is helping me to train the teens that giving is more important then receiving.

Hugs and games
Hugs and games

Continuing with Romans 12:1-2 we have gone from “present your body a living sacrifice” to separation “be not conformed to this world” and now Paul speaks of transformation “be transformed by renewing your mind”. This transformation is best seen as a change from within. Metamorphosis such as a worm into a ¬†butterfly is the bet description of the word.

The worm is changed. His nature is changed. Everything about the worm is new. He no lower lives in the dirt but now in the air. Religion tries to change the outside so we “look” like a Christian. But the lasting, eternal change on the outside must occur by the transforming your mind and your heart. Religion is what I try to do so I can get close to God. Transformation is what God DID to get into me and my life.

When I fell in love in my early teens all I wanted to do was tok on the phone to my girlfriend. I wanted to s read her love letters and write love letters to her. This transformation Paul is speaking of is my wanting to hear God’s voice, read His love letter to me (the Bible) and talk to Him daily.

By the way I took more baths. I wanted to mell good every time I saw her. Therefore transformation means I will CLEAN MYSELF UP!!