Dedication #3

I had my first meeting with Irma, the new social worker, Sebastian, Analy & Lily. Irma has a plan in place to get everything in order for the government.

Then Sebastian & I met with Chad & Abby as they are over-run with toddlers & babies in order to get them more help. It takes many people to care for 72 children in the baby dorm.

Patty & Sara finished the bags filled with clothes for each child for Christmas. This was a long & difficult process and I am grateful for their hard work.

Blood appeared in the feces of Antony so more tests will be done Monday.

Irma Yolanda, Angelina, Lily and Analy
Irma Yolanda, Angelina, Lily and Analy


After you present yourself to God as instructed in Romans 12:1-2 God says that you need to “be separated from the world”. Paul writes to us and says that we are not to be conformed to the world. That means that we should not have the attitudes, the actions, the priorities, the desires, the values or the methods of this world.

Worldliness is an attitude and then an action. You either give your loyalty to the Lord or to the world. There is no middle ground. James 4:4 says “to be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God”. That is not a good place to be. Worldliness is not about what I do or do not do. There is nothing I can DO to be spiritual.

When Satan was cast from heaven he made this world his home. The list I gave you above starting with attitudes….simply tells me that we are worldly when we have those characteritics but in total opposition to the devil. Everyone breathing has a philosophy or standard by which they live. Satan wants you and i to think that we are ll that is important. He wants me to live as though there is no need of God. ¬†Psalms 10:4 “The wicked will not seek God”.

If you want to live like the world then simply live as though you are all that matters, you do not need God and you can do it on your on.