Dedication #2

Dora won an art competition sponsored by the Chinese Embassy. There were ten winners in all of Guatemala and she was one of them.

The surgical procedure on Antony was successful. He has truly struggled with this recurring problem.

Jeni is doing her internship in Culiapa which is a good distance from Guatemala City & was involved in a car accident. She is ok.

Chad & his two sons have put up the walls in the present dialysis house so we are nearing completion for Irene to live there.


Dora with the Chinese Ambassador
Dora with the Chinese Ambassador and his wife.


It has been said that without an attitude of dedication to Christ and His calling on our lives we will fall short and our lives will not make the difference or impact the Lord desires.

Yesterday I shared with you Romans 12:1-2 concerning presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice and going on to transformation. Romans 12:1-2 we see how God relates to us as individuals; in 12:3-8 is how God relates to the church; 12:9-12 is how God relates to society; chapter 13 is God’s relation towards government and finally in Romans 14:1 – 16:13 is how God relates (and wants us to relate) to other Christians.

Notice that in Romans 12:1 we see my most favorite word. That word is “MERCY”. The mercy of God is when we consider all that God has done for us. Paul continues by saying our reaction to that mercy is our reasonable service. It is logical for us to want to be totally dedicated to God and His will for us.

Galatians 2:20 tells me that my life is in Christ and that my life does not any longer belong to me.Jesus gave HIS life for MY life. He has set each one of us apart for a purpose. God has a reason that you and I were born into tho world. Length of life is not important. IMPACT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE.

The first child to come to Casa through the courts was Jorge’. Josue’ came before the courts sent him to us. Jorge’ died at 22 years of age in his second year of medical school. He was my son and I loved him so much. How could such a great young man have such a short life? O course over the years I have felt the same pain but no longer ask that question.

When Jorge’ was 11 or so I asked him to go with me as I was going deep into the Paoquel valley to a Mayan village to preach. The village was deep in the valley & the service lasted from 7pm until 11:30pm. It was an adobe building and you could literally see stars through the cracks in the wall.It was freezing and all the Indians sat on a dirt floor. Coming back Jorge’ was very silent. Finally I asked if he was ok. He said “Daddy, we need to build them a block church with a cement floor. He shared with all the teenagers at our next service in Casa. He took and offering. Some folks were visiting and they gave also.

As of this week 151 churches, Sunday school buildings or homes for pastors have been constructed.

Jorge lived 22 years but how many folks do you personally know who is responsible for reaching 10s of 1000s of people for Jesus. His reward is great in heaven. Even as a young man his life was dedicated to the salvation of others.