I am praying for the second phase of the transition as we move forward this week aiming for changes near January 1st when children change dorms due to age. I have peace about my decisions & I believe that the staff and children will help as this did in phase one.

Sunday morning we are dedicating a child who is being adopted by a Guatemalan couple. They will be able to take him Tuesday. They are Christians and when I spoke with the couple I sensed the hunger in their souls to raise this child.


Joy is not cheap. Happiness is when things go your way but joy comes in every circumstance both good and bad. Joy often requires struggling and pain. My wife, Dottie, buried her first 3 children & never questioned God or walked away from her faith. She had His joy in her pain. Joy is not about the moment but it is about the end of the matter. Dottie and I will see those children and many others again.

The health of your body is not nearly as important as the health of your attitude. Life throws curves and even spitballs at us from beginning to end. No one lives on a free pass. All will die physically one day. Rain falls into every life without fail. God looks at our attitude when these sadnesses and impositions enter.

The world is consumed with a sense of “HAVING”. Their happiness comes from what they HAVE. Their identity comes from what they “HAVE”. If what they HAVE does not measure up to what they WANT then they are without joy.

The stress on our staff daily is beyond measure. They all have sacrificed so much to come to Guatemala and try to make a difference. Unless they are holding back on me I do not believe that any of them would be considered in the top of the world’s “HAVERS”.

But what they HAVE as servants of God is priceless. They happiness comes little by little and even comes and goes but their JOY in being where God has placed them and making a difference in the lives of children cannot be measured.