Praise God! We hired a social worker today. Irma Yolanda is 53 years old and a Christian with years of experience so I could not be more pleased.

Our men’s Bible study & prayer time had the largest attendance to date. It is great!


I think that Esau might be classified as the most stupid man in the Bible although there are others who were dumber than dirt. He sold his birthright with all the associated blessings for a bowl of gumbo or something like that.

He was a rugged man with desires that needed gratification and he eventually let them get the best of him. He certainly was not the first nor is he the last to fall into that trap.Hundreds of thousands of people in the world today are good, decent people but they look to the world itself to give them satisfaction.

Esau lacked discernment and so do we sometimes. What is really permanent in this world and what is temporary? That is the question all of us will need to be able to answer in order to live a life blessed and used by God. You cannot live for the moment. Christians are running races and all along the path are temptations and traps. Satan wants you off course. He wants you to make choices with the moment in mind and not the end of your life’s story.

James tells us our lives are like smoke or the grass of the field that quickly fades away. I can honestly tell you that I anot believe that 72 years have passed since that day July 11,1943 when I was born. Maybe 72 sounds long to you but it is now a blink in my mind.

Do not be like Esau. Think before you make commitments or promises or go down a road without your spiritual eyes being wis open..