I want everyone on my mailing list to understand that I never give children from Casa permission to contact sponsors or friends in the USA and ask for money for ANY reason. Please forgive me if you received a call or email or face book asking to help for Christmas. That is totally unacceptable to me and to all of our staff. I am so sorry if you were placed in that position. The best thing for everyone is to check with me when any request for money is made by children from Casa or children who have left Casa.

Pray as attempt to fill our schedule for February. Pray also for the equipment and staff we will need for the dialysis program.

Bible study
Bible study

Did you know that one of the greatest truths in the Word of God is that God wants to know our face? I Corinthians 8:3 “For if any man love God, the same is known of him”. Song of Solomon says “O my dove…let me see your face, let me hear your voice”.

Everyone wears masks! There is a Mike Clark mask in public; a Mike Clark mask in private, a Mike Clark mask with friends, a Mike Clark mask as I am preaching and the truth is there are others masks I wear. Remember when Adam and Eve sinned the first thing that happened was shame consumed them and the desire to hide their faces from God was their first reaction.

Only by grace and mercy am I allowed to see the face of God. Remember when Moses asked to see God thje Lord told him he could not look upon His face but only saw him from behind as God passed by that cleft in the rock.

But through salvation in Jesus Christ we are allowed to KNOW God. We can have as intimate a relationship with God as we desire. This will always lead us into a deeper relationship with God. Jesus said that if we saw Jesus we saw the Father. Adam and Eve ran and hid and many Christians today do exactly the same thing. God comes looking for us to fellowship with us but we are ashamed that we are not good enough or spiritual enough.

God desires to cultivate a love relationship with us. We see Him in the Word and in our worship and in our prayers. We can come as close as we desire into His presence as the Blood of His Son broke down the walls between us. You and I can be as close to God as Moses, Peter or any other child of God who has walked through this life.

Let Him see your face!