Love increases

I am prejudiced of course but the folks from my home town have just been wonderful all week.

A team from Mississippi arrived who will be helping Chad and Abby this week.

Lee presenting Daniel to his new father
Lee presenting Daniel to his new father

Did you realize that love grows? I hope so. Love multiplies and love becomes greater in size, amount and intensity. Think about God loved the world He sent ONE Son. The ONE chose twelve and they went out two by two and the Word tells us that thousands heard and saw the ministry. Jesus appeared to 500 after His resurrection. The day of Pentecost saw only 120 faithful gathered together in the upper room.

From there Peter preached to thousands. The other disciples went world wide sharing the Word. Paul heard and believed and the New Testament was born. One became 12 and then 1000s and the world began to change and now millions if not billions are heaven bound.

But it will begin with ONE in your life. You are one and you can multiply yourself by witnessing, testifying and living the life God called you to live. You as ONE can eventually be 1000s also.

The more your love increases in intensity for Jesus the larger your outreach will become. Don’t you just love simple math?