Failure is inevitable

Dr Miguel will do a biopsy but the MRI was not conclusive. Continue to pray for Keiser.

Hazel Rueff who was in the original 4 who began Mission Fiesta & has come to Casa for 15 years to celebrate birthdays with ALL of the children passed away. She was a Godly woman and a dear friend.

The bank made a mistake & when that happens in a 3rd world country it is scary. I took Sebastian & we were able to get the problem rectified.

The NC team is having devotions, finger nail painting & coke floats for the older girls tonight.

The dog at the Vets
The dog at the Vets


Failure truly is inevitable. No one will go through this life without failing a number of times.We all err and make mistakes in multiple areas. When I was in Bakersfield I had some folks knock on my door & they were cultists. One of them said, “We do not and never have sinned”.

The children here sometimes feel as though they are “bad” because of things they do that do not line up with the Lord of God. Condemnation is one of the evil’s best weapons. He can bring down a family with that attack which brings shame & guilt.

Satan loves to tempt us with “IF YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD….” and he has not changed tactics. He will always try to challenge your identification.

But God is a Father in fact the only perfect Father and restoration surrounded by forgiveness is His will for us. You can have security because you are ACCEPTED by your heavenly Father. Your SELF-IMAGE should stay in place because you are identified by being His child. Your feeling of BELONGING will not be affected because you know He Agapes you. His Person is eternal so your identification in Christ provides acceptance, the sense of belonging and strong, positive identification with Him will never waver. NEVER!!!