Early Christmas

Add Jessie, Adam & Vilma to Angie, Oscar, Jim & Kate who are rating & visiting in the states. With Larry & Sue leaving next week we will really b shorthanded.

We continue to seek the certified social worker we need so desperately.

Yesterday we began moving desks, files and literally everything as Walter will help as we need him but Sebastian has taken the reins of Casa as General Director.

Keiser had the surgery to remove the tumor & the results of the biopsy will be known in 10 days.

Keiser prior to surgery
Keiser prior to surgery


Early Christmas for Dialysis
Early Christmas for Dialysis


When I saw the dialysis house decorated outside with Christmas lights & entered only to be met with a Christmas tree I thought to myself “Oh how much do the teens who work with the dialysis children love them”. Instantly I knew why the decorations were there in early November. Rosario, Evelyn, Olga, Marilyn and Aroldo know there is a possibility one of these children may not be alive by December 25th.

John 13:1 says, “Jesus loved His own in the world, He loved them until the end”. Every day of His life on earth Jesus was demonstrating the love of His Father and how we are to express His love to others. Being loved by His Father was the controlling force in His life and for you and me being loved by Jesus should be the controlling love in our lives. II Corinthians 5:14 “The love of Christ constrains us”. It is His love that holds us together. It keeps us from falling apart. It keeps us from stopping short of the goal.

This type of love found in the 5 young people working with the dialysis children is a demonstration of compassion which Jesus wants all of us to exhibit. Feed the hungry! Visit those in prison (not natural iron bars only but those who are shut-ins, ignored and lonely). Clothe the naked. Heal the sick.

Jesus loves us in life and He will love us in death. These young people haves loved the dialysis children in the good times and they have loved them in the difficult times. They have rejoiced with them as they are trying to do now with an early Christmas. They will rejoice when these children are gone because they have given the love to the children that they themselves received from Christ.

Agape love sticks in there! Agape love lasts! Agape love refuses to abandon! Agape love is Christ in action. If you want to see that visit Casa and walk into the Genesis House.