Conditional or Unconditional

t was a very quiet Sunday as all of the recent activities are behind us. Most of the visitors left this morning.

Dottie bought some plants yesterday & planted them this afternoon.

There will be 3 day retreat this week for the older teens. We rented a campground & expect God to move in their lives this week.

On teacher helping with decorations
One teacher helping with decorations


Love is either conditional or unconditional. Love is not neutral. Either I have conditions you nut fulfill or I do not have any conditions and will love you regardless.  Conditional love means I will give love to you IF you give me something in return.

Unconditional love means I will allow you to be who you are. You can express your feelings to me freely. I will not punish you for doing that. So many children grow up in homes where their parents put so much pressure on them to succeed or help or whatever. Marriages too often are based on performance. If Dottie does what I want that is loving her with conditions. But allowing Dottie to be exactly who she was made to be without my judging her is unconditional love.