Mercy Rejected

The rains and weather have slowed down the work on the dialysis dorm.  Our teen boys volunteered to move 1000 blocks to the third floor. There was a break in the weather yesterday that allowed the block layers to work a few hours.

Jose’, in dialysis, turned 18 & asked the judge to send him to his father. He is the child who told me he would rather die than live on a machine. The judge allowed him to return to his family. We are broken-hearted.


This will be the walkover from dialysis to the other side when finished.
This will be the walkover from dialysis to the other side when finished.


There are decisions made by some of our children that give me grief. Yesterday, at the request of the child who is now 18 years old, the judge had no option but to send him to live with his father. Legally the judge had no other option. He could not force and adult to stay in a home for children. This child needs a transplant but in the meantime needed to be here for the dialysis, diet and medication. A few months ago he told me that if he had to live like this he would prefer to die. I can understand wanting to be with his father. I am just broken in heart that we could not do more.

The worst part of this is that when he comes to his senses in a few weeks as his body begins to fill with fluid is that he will not legally be allowed to return here since he himself as an adult of 18 made the choice to leave. We love him and ache for his mistake. He actually has been more healthful than the other children here on dialysis.

What is sad to me is how many children over the years make bad decisions. They do not realize how difficult it is to live outside these walls without an education. They can get a job that pays $300 – $400 per month and think it is a lot of money. But then the reality of housing, utilities, food, clothing, transportation, medicine and the other unexpected costs hit them like a freight train.

In times past I could take these children back into Casa and help them get stable. But the laws now prohibit any child removed from a home cannot return to that same home regardless of the reason.

God’s mercy has been rejected by millions over the centuries & I feel so deeply that this young man has rejected the mercy of Dr Lou, Casa and all who made an effort to help him. At any rate please pray for him. I have gone to too many funerals lately.