It seems like we finally have a day of rest. No driving & no preaching! Sunday morning we will be in Vick, La ministering at Macedonia Baptist church ,10 & 11am, and then our last service will be at Northside Assembly in Crowley, La Sunday evening.

We are packing, doing the finances & Christmas crds for Debbie. I had missed an entire pack of 26 photos of children needing sponsors. So if you are interested in helping a child you can contact any of us. Debbie, Gladys, Tony or myself!

Kenny visited with us.


Did you realize that the Bible begins with a wedding? Adam and eve were joined together by God and they were expected to “live happily every after”. Of course they chose their own way. They believed the lie of the devil. They lost a perfect existence and their love for one another.

Then the Bible ends with a wedding. It is called the “Marriage feast of the Lamb” and this is hen we all as a family and as the Bride of Christ will be together with the Father, son and Spirit for eternity.

But how did we go from the wedding in Eden to the wedding in Heaven? Well, there was another wedding. It was the very first miracle of Jesus. It was in Cana at a wedding. Yes, His first miracle was at a wedding. And why?

Do you remember what Jesus said when He was told by Mary what had happened when the wedding ran short of wine? Read the story in John 2 and you will see these words “My time has not yet come”. You see it was the responsibility of the GROOM to provide the wine and toast his bride. It was a foreshadowing of the day when this natural world is finished and we the BRIDE stand before our GROOM and the Word says He will toast us at the wedding feast of the Lamb.

It is for this reason Jesus would tell His disciples at the Last Supper that He would not drink wine with them again until they were together in heaven. The Bridegroom awaits His Bride.

I sure do hope that you will be there to see Him raise His glass and recognize all Christians throughout all history as we become His for eternity.