We drove leisurely to Marksville where we will stay until the services Sunday morning at Effie (Macedonia) where my Dad was born & then finish the ministering part of our trip in Crowley at Northside Assembly.

The older girls in Doncillas bagged up their own clothes & other items to give to people near us who lost everything to the mudslides. I am so proud of them.

Gifts from our girls to those in need
Gifts from our girls to those in need



“It’s my life and I will do what I want with it.” or “It’s my life and I will do why God wants me to do with it”. Which is your choice because there will always be only two choices. Your life is either yours or it is Gods.

God is looking for a residence. God needs a tabernacle. He is looking for a place to reside. Can He live in you? My body has passions. It craves things like food, sex, play, games and many other things. Selfish living is when we use our bodies as a place to meet our passions.

But Jesus stands at the door and knocks and wonders if there is room at the inn. You and I have an opportunity to enjoy our bodies as a toy which i something God also wants. He wants you to enjoy life. But, more important, God wants your body to be His instrument.

A mechanic had a tool box with tis sign written on the side of to. “Do not borrow my tools, I use them to feed my family”. Pretty cool! Does God have His sign on you? Are you marked by His Spirit in order to be used by God to accomplish the job He designed you for? Do not let the devil or even your own lusts “borrow” what God has clearly marked as His own.