A mechanical cow is not a cow. It is a machine used to convert soy beans into milk, tortillas and bread. Bob has begun to renovate the college boy’s dorm for this project.

The rains are so heavy in Guatemala a mudslide took 10 lives this morning in Santa Caterina only 10 miles from Guatemala City. Over 200 are missing.



I love history. I read a much history as I can get my hands on. There was a time when the people of the earth believed that the earth stood still and the sun, moon, planets and stars revolved around it. But in1543 a scientist by the name of Copernicus who discovered that the earth revolved and said to an unbelieving world, “The sun stands still. It is the sun not us who is the center of the universe”.

You see what really was happening in the spiritual world was that man was no longer the focus of his world. God was now the center of the universe and everyone and everything would revolve around God Himself.

Man is like the moon. The moon does not give off light. It is dark. But it reflects the sun and when it does we can all in a light even in the nighttime. Man is to reflect Jesus. God did not create man so that man would be the center of the universe. He created man to Reflect Himself!!

What does it mean to be self-reflecting? Trying to make ourselves happy in our own way is self-reflecting. Leaving God out of our decisions is trying to get the world to revolve around us. Life becomes all about me!

God is love and He alone knows what is best for us. He wants Mike and Dottie to reflect His love, His kindness, His generosity, His peace, His joy, His kindness, His goodness, His ways and His steadfastness. Life is not about me. Life is about Him.