Karen’s transplanted kidney has been functioning at 95% but yesterday in her examination it was discovered working at 65%. They believe it is a water intake problem. Pray that is all it is.

Dottie had the quinceaneras choose their gowns. I worked in the Christmas bodega & then we bought the food for the hotel next week when we take the 15 year old girls on that trip.

The men on the Tn team joined our men for the Friday evening prayer time. It is a blessing to have others praying with and for you.

The assistants to Lee & Candy

One of my most favorite verses is “The love of God constraineth me”. His love is so powerful that He can hold me together when I am breaking up. His Agape can call me to a foreign land and then sustain me. His love is so profound that when I allow Him to hold me and love me then I begin to think in terms of love and mercy.

God’s Agape love takes an ordinary man and makes him extraordinary. If He lives in you He will pay your bills. If He lives in you He will heal your marriage. If He lives in you He will calm the storms.

The story is told of a young child who had parents that loved and respected one another. They never argued in front of the children. The boy was sent to spend two weeks with his uncle and aunt. And soon after arriving the uncle was angry at his wife and screamed at her.

The boy told his uncle, “Uncle I thought you loved Auntie!” ¬†and the uncle responded that of course he loved his wife. The child then said, “If you had the Jesus kind of love for Auntie as my Daddy has for my Mama you would be happier.”