He has a way

When I feel as though I failed (Jose’) God has a way of boosting me up. Lorena with her husband came to dedicate their son, Diego. Married 3 years & both working good jobs makes me proud knowing where they came from. The success stories sustain me.

Our kids went straight from Bible to the polls to vote for President.

Please, please, please pray that we can replace Rosario in the dialysis house as she will marry in late November. she has been wonderful & so compassionate.

David holding Diego & Lorena with Dottie and myself
David holding Diego & Lorena with Dottie and myself


When Jose’ told me that he wanted to die in his father’s house & asked that I pray with him about his salvation it crushed me to think of what would happen without an intervention by God. He has a sister who says she is willing to help but we can only wait and see if there is a match with his kidney.

Love never lets go. IN fact, Jesus loved Judas until the end. His love will never let go. You probably have heard about the man who said that he had given up on God so he decided to let go but when he opened his hand he realized he was not holding on to God but that God was holding on to him.

Ohhhh! If I only had that kind of love. The love that never lets go, never quits and stays faithful no matter what. It teems that it takes so little to throw me off the love life. Hurt feelings, disappointments, criticism, abandonment are just some things that rob me of that never-let-go love He desires for me to give to others.