God was their Father

Dottie woke up ill so I went to buy the groceries for the dialysis children.

I spoke with the ex-gang leader & he is such a man of God. So I will get him in touch with Jose’ who is Josue’s father & we will see what we can do to make this the next church & pastor’s home we help to build.

Dr Rodriquez speaking to the staff about medical procedures
Dr Rodriquez speaking to the staff about medical procedures


I was speaking with a fellow missionary yesterday and he was saying to me, “How proud you must be of children.”  I answered, “I am very proud of the dozens of children who have grown up here at Casa and are good students or college graduates. I am proud of those who have married & are good mothers, fathers and parents. But I am so sad that not all of the children who came to Casa have turned out faithful and true to Jesus and the principles of a prosperous future.”

He knew my heart evidently because he then said, “Mike, God was the Father of Adam and Eve”.

It was so simple yet so profound. God did not carry the blame for the sin of Adam and Eve. He did not feel guilty or a failure because of Adam and Eve. He gave them every opportunity to obey and succeed in life.

The Perfect Father had imperfect children. Yet, He continued to love them. That is Agape. That is the love that is unconditional.

God showed them the way and if we as parents show our children the way it falls upon them to choose the right path or make the correct decision. I may not be pleased with them but if I have agape love they will always be my children until the end.

So parents please let go of the guilt. If you planted then there will be a harvest. Love NEVER fails.