Gang member now born again

Steve Osborn & I have know an ex-gang leader who has become a solid Christian & has his own ministry & is constantly under death threats. He has been given an acre of land where the gangs cannot find him. He & his family wear bullet proof vests when they are outside their home. Steve & I would like to build him a home & a church. Pray about whether God is talking to you about participating.

Josue’ received his college diplomas today in Graphic Design & Communication. He graduated a while back but it took this long to get the diplomas.



I remember years ago I heard a preacher say, “Without Jesus you cannot love”. It offended me & immediately I said that my Dad loved me but never professed Jesus as Lord. Now I can see what he was saying. We can fake love and we can imitate love. But without Christ the Agape love will not flow.

I cannot forgive someone who offends me without God’s love. God’s love will prevent divorce. Natural love cannot do that. Jesus healed not to prove He was God but to demonstrate His love for the sufferer.

A natural man will love a woman because she satisfies his needs. But natural love will wear thin. That is where we become selfish.