The rains through the night & all day were torrential. Farmers in the Eastern regions of Guatemala have lost their crops. That means they have lost their family income.

Taking the girls to the hotel was not an easy trip but it did not ‘dampen’ their enthusiasm. Wendy, dialysis, is one of the girls.  Karen was released from the hospital & will come Tuesday. Her kidney function is better but still not where it should be.  Wendy is so small we are having troubling fitting her with a gown.

Onessy came through her surrey very well. Rosario will stay with her in the hospital overnight. Francisco went into surgery at 7pm.



s released from the hospital at 8pm so she will come meet us at the hotel Tuesday. That is good news.



Now that I have all of the Alabama fans upset let me tell you there are LSU fans that are rude & take ball games as life and death. Every other college, high school and even peewee; nations, church,etc have the idea that others are the enemy.

Yesterday I shared that Matthew 5:44 said when we have an enemy we are to Love, Bless, Do Good and Pray for them. Everyday Jesus walked those last 3 years of His life He faced enemies in various forms. If you are reading this then you know that we all have sinned. We all have had evil even vengeful thoughts towards those who have pestered us.

Agape love will forgive. It will go the second mile. It will not hate. When Nicky Cruz faced David Wilkerson and David said, “God loves you and so do I.”  Nicky replied as he held a switchblade “I am going to cut you into a thousand pieces” David told him, You can cut me into 1000 pieces but each piece will cry out “God loves you.”  That is Agape!

We all need it and we all need to give it!