I was so tired that I forgot to tell you that yesterday as I was landing in Guatemala, Aroldo, the dialysis chief, had a semi roll over on his car. He is fine. Shaken! The headlines in the newspaper was “Alive by a miracle”.

The men’s Bible study tonight was well attended & praying together is the ONLY way the transition will work.

The school had visitors from San Lucas that came & shared games, etc with all of the younger students. We only have one week of school left for the year. Billy has done a great job.


News article on Aroldo's accident
News article on Aroldo’s accident


In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing to see! Nothing to hear! Only emptiness! But God was there and God had a plan. He wanted to take the emptiness and fill it with EVERYTHING. As a mother hen hovers over her little chicks God hovered over the emptiness.

He spoke and that is all He did. He spoke! No magic wand or clay to work with. God just said and that was all He needed to do. He said light and then light you are good. Next He said sky and sky you are good also. Birds and animals were next and so forth and each was good to God. He made nothing bad.

Finally He created man and man was not good. He was very good. He was the most beautiful thing God created. And He loved His creation.

Whatever it would cost Him He would always love His creation. It did not matter what it would cost Him He was always going to love man.