One of the younger boys has a tumor on his arm bone. We will not know how serious it is until we have an MRI but you can pray now that it is benign.

Gretchen let this morning but has made a decision to come back for one year. She will meet with our board chairman & return in early January. She is very talented.

The women’s Bible study & the men’s Friday night prayer time are changing Casa.

Breaking a piñata
Breaking a piñata


One of the things that Walter and I have discussed about Casa and the transition is that we finish well together. He is much younger than me but his time at Casa over the years has been tremendous. He will move on to minister elsewhere as Sebastian becomes daily director & legal representative. We have run a race together for a number of years & he has made such an impact on the ministry.

I, however, am not a young man so my “moving on” means I will have to rely on the love of God to constrain me, to hold me in place and to put me in the right place. There are those who have said to me the transition of the young adults we place in responsibility to take my jobs will be easier than me allowing myself to “let go”.

The love of God wants to see Dottie and I finish our race well. I believe that we will be able to sit back and let the various young people do their jobs and learn as they go. When Moses died God was not surprised nor was He unprepared. He knew Joshua was ready. When Jesus died the church was born. As the disciples died God had a plan. Moody died as did Spurgeon as will Billy Graham but is ready with a person awaiting the baton to continue the race.

All He wants from you and I is we run the race He has set before us and break the tape. Do not stop short. Retirement is never an option for a Christian. Dottie and I will stay here and be grandparents through to the end. That can only be done if we rely on His wonderful love.