Where do you live?

Tim thinks the semi-truck & trailer is near being sold. Not as much $ as I hoped but more than I had before.

My LSU Tigers have 40 players on NFL tens, more than any other school, so I wonder how good we would be if they were smart enough to stay in college and graduate.

The election is finally set. The comedian, Jimmy Morales, and the former first lady, Sandra Torres, will face off in October to see who becomes the new President of Guatemala.



As I share with folks here in the states about the transition the one I think of the most is ftp,Moses to Joshua. Now I am not like those guys but other transitions in the Bible such as Saul to David and David to Solomon, etc just do not cut it for me.

When Moses received his call from God he was scared senseless and even said that he could not speak. So God gave Aaron the responsibility to speak in Moses’s place for a short while. The Bible does not say that Joshua was frightened but I have no doubt that he had trepidation.

Joshua accepted the call and accomplished more in the next seven years than Moses had in the previous 40 years. There would only be 7 years of truly victorious living between Exodus and the time of the Judges. Eventually Israel would build two temples and lose them both. Jerusalem would be destroyed. The family would be divided.  There would be the Assyrian captivity and the Babylonian captivity.

But for a short span of 7 years Joshua conquered his enemies and won overwhelming victories and actually entered the Promised Land and settled it.  Joshua 21:43-45 says, “God GAVE them the land. Not one Word of God’s promise failed to come to pass.”  My favorite part is “God gave them rest”.

Max Lucado says that they began in Egypt under slavery to Pharaoh and then brought to the wilderness where they were still slaves but this time to fear. Finally they entered the Promised Land but eventually lost it.

Have you bee there? Has God brought you from Egypt are you were enclaved to negative vices, etc” Has God then brought you to the wilderness where you had made a little progress only to fall into the trap of fear, doubt and worry? What about now? Are you in the land of Promise.  All God has for us is promised in His Word but once you leave Egypt and enter Salvation you must realize that your Promised Land depends now upon you and your attitude and actions?

Stay tuned.