I was going to write about the students going to San Bartolome for school academic competition but that is out since the school is unable to receive them.

Lee emailed & said Candy was still struggling with a severe case of strep & now Anda, their little girl is coming down with it also. Living as they do with 65 little boys, 9-13 is weakening on anyone’s body.

Because of our health Christmas has become a huge ordeal for Dottie & me. Each year we have two banquets, one for teen girls and another for teen boys. The house parents could do that for us but the cost is impossible for Alex & Billy’s┬ádorms. So if you would like to help them we would be appreciative. Any amount would help! This could be a good church project.

This Sunday we will minister at Word of Life in Patterson at 9:30am & at Bunkie First Baptist at 6pm.


These walls will be filled with love in a few months. Pray for a miracle in finances
These walls will be filled with love in a few months. Pray for a miracle in finances


Ezekiel 22:30 tells us to stand in the gap and Ephesians tells us to stand, and stand and stand some more. Standing is all we as parents have left. The world is widening the gap between our children and Jesus. Even kids I taught in Lake Charles 35 years ago that were servants of Jesus and helpers in the ministry are turning.

It is painful to watch as your child drowns and your hand is but a few feet away and yet you cannot save them. You reach, you cry, you beg and you pray! The distance between your reach and them widens. If only they would reach out! If only they would return to the God their salvation! If only they would return to the teachings of their childhood! If only…….

I have tried to love every child who has ever been sent to Dottie and me at Casa. I attempted to teach them the truth of the Word. If my heart hurts with their betrayal of the Gift of Eternal Life how much more does our Heavenly Father ache for their lack of stamina to continue on and not forget His love and offer of salvation?

Parents need to reach out and try to narrow the gap. You can only do that with total forgiving love and prayer.