Voting round the country has not been peaceful. Fights & threats & even deaths have happened. We had over 40 kids (young adults) vote for the first time. Adam, Chad & Jim walked them to the polls in San Bartolome’ to insure their safety. 35,000 policemen & 19,000 soldiers guarded the polling areas around the country.

First 2 owe are birthday girls for September
First 2 rows are birthday girls for September

I was reading Numbers 21 yesterday where Moses was traveling through the desert when the people of Edom said that the Israelites could not go through their territory. Edom of course were the children of Esau. So these were kinfolks and when someone related to you harms you it hurts doubly.

David said in Psalms 55 when he was hurt by someone dear to him “How could you do this to me. We are equals.” When an enemy harms you it is easily forgiven and overcome by Christians. But I have found when it is someone close to you in the past the pain is entirely different.

This is where the children of Israel murmur so much and complain with such ingratitude that God sends the snakes. They were murmuring about various things but I believe why really hurt the Lord was the ungratefulness for all He had done for them. When we ignore the daily blessings of God there is a price to pay.