Open doors continued

Jim took his level 5 girls to see War Room which everyone tells me it is one of the top Christian movies ever filmed.

Josue’ & Don went down the river in a “party barge” & will hook up with Debbie Tuesday.

My cousin, Newton, just discovered his wife has cancer & a classmate of mine, Mary, also has cancer. Pray for two miracles.

Luis has been giving Aroldo problems in the dialysis unit. It is till due to his mother rejecting him. He needs an emotional miracle.

Kevin, Vencedores, had successful hernia surgery in Guatemala yesterday. Then a few hours ago ariel, baby dorm, had a protrusion in his stomach. Chad took him to the hospital & he had emergency surgery but is doing well now.



A door represents a choice. I was in Waffle House & not paying attention as I entered a restroom. It happened to be a restroom for women. Bad choice! A researcher at Columbia University calculated that a 70 year old person has made at least 1,788,500 choices over their lifetime. That is a tremendous amount of doors isn’t it?

Do you see life as a series of possibilities or do you see life like most folks meaning you just “pass through” according to the length of dye God has allotted you? An open door (choice) exits as a possibility to bless someone else. It is there so you can make a difference.

What is behind the door? There are TV shows that gives people an opportunity to choose door 1, door 2 or door 3. They have no idea what they will get. But you can be assured when you choose the door of opportunity God has given you then you know for sure HE WILL BE THERE! The job is not something you may see or know at the time. But rest assured God opens doors and waits for you to enter into His presence.

If God is there the job is already ding itself. God is the One in charge and He only needs obedient hands to put everything in place as He directs. But you cannot see anything until you go through the door.

You do not know what is awaiting you until you walk through the door.