The Spanish service at Mignon Baptist was so special & the reception by the congregation (English) was very touching to Dottie and me.

Then we drove to Pine Rindge Baptist in Fort Payne and it was awesome. So today was a great day in the Lord.

Milton Sharing the Word in Vencedores. Kids teaching kids!!
Milton Sharing the Word in Vencedores. Kids teaching kids!!


A few days agoI quoted the scripture to you “GOD IS LOVE”. That does not mean it is His character or His greatest attribute. It means HE IS LOVE! Agape is not created. It is because He is!

If you took my DNA and matched it against the DNA of my parents you would see a 100% match between Mike Clark and his father, Calvis, and his mother, Errol. There would be no further discussion. I am the son of Calvis and Errol Clark and will be until death. Their life flows in me. I had a good childhood and youth although there were problems that would result in tragedies.

But I am thankful for my parents because I am that I am because of them. Look at a photo of my Dad at any stage of his life and you see me. Study the character and personality of my mother and you see me. I will be Mike Clark as long as I breath. My “Me” will always be me. My DNA will not change.

So what happens at salvation? True salvation! Real salvation! We receive the DNA of God.We become His child. True salvation means His life runs through my heart and veins. I am His! It will not change. I will look like Him and I will act like Him and I will love like Him and I will forgive like Him. I will be victorious like Him.

I will AGAPE and no long Eros. My love for Dottie, for you, for the children, for the ministry,for my family and for Him will never fade away. It was not created therefore it cannot fail. Nothing will separate us from the AGAPE of God.

The smallest thing we EROS will separate us from others, Him and ministry.