Onesey will have surgery on her foot next month and then on her double esophagus in February.

We had dinner with LC & Judy & friends & are headed for churn right now. Did not have Internet last night. Mignon Baptist, Sylaguaga, at 9am & Fort Paine tonight at 5pm.


When I am asked why marriages fail, children can go for years without talking to parents or why churches split or any other question related to relationships I always feel that the answer comes back to Agape and Eros loves.

The selfishness of eros means we have an agenda and it is US! Eros means we always need to be right! Eros means we have to be in control! In other words divorces occur, churches split, relationships collapse and wars are fought because we are ARROGANT! Eros is arrogant. It is a pride in self. It is a refusal to humble oneself. It is filled with strive and therefore will fracture any attempt of unity.

Meeting Dottie in 1961 was the beginning of a love for me like one I had never known. I loved my parents but we argued and were seldom on the same page. I loved girls and had girlfriends but they were mostly built on physical relationships. I had friends and pals but that was a small circle that went for years without seeing one another.

The day I saw Dottie I was not in EROS I was in AGAPE. Yes, even as a non-christian God gave me an AGAPE love for Dottie. You see eros gets old when it is tiring and boring. That is why Satan wants kids to have sex in their early teens by telling them they are in love. They are! But in Eros not Agape! Eros uses and throws away.

AGAPE is long term. It NEVER fails. It will be patient. It will be kind. It will consider the other person more important than it considers itself. AGAPE put Dottie first in my life and even though she did not love me (not even eros) I could not walk away. His love bound me to her even when she knew without Christ it was fruitless. But the more she rejected me the more I loved her.

Why? Because God had a plan for my life just as He does for you. He knew about Guatemala and 5000 children and dialysis and Josue’, Gladys, Sebastian, Minor and hundreds of others even before they were born. He knew Eros love would never last. When it would get difficult I would have quit. But He gave me AGAPE for Dottie and AGAPE for orphans and the rest of history.

If you love only with Eros you will quit in the hard times.

If you love with Agape nothing can separate you from His calling upon your life and you will make EVERY relationship valuable and worth fighting for.