The situation in Guatemala went from critical to complete calm. Teddie’s team did not have to stay at Casa.

Dottie & I left Norman at 2am & arrived in Hoover, Al at 1:15pm. Dottie took me to see the movie “War Room” & EVERY Christian needs to go see it.

Sunday morning, 9am in Spanish, & 10:15am in English, we will be at Mignon Baptist in Sylacauga, Al. At 5pm we will be at Pine Ridge Baptist in Fort Payne, Al. From there we will return to South Louisiana.

Girls trying to stay dry
Girls trying to stay dry


Agape or eros? When the Word says, “God is love” that is literally “God is Agape”. Agape is the nature of God. That love is self-giving and unconditional. Yesterday I shared about the job description of Jesus. It takes Agape love for you to follow in His steps and be used as Christ was used.

When asked about which was the most important law or rule of the hundreds of laws the Jewish leaders said were important Jesus answered with an Agape description. He said that we need to love God with ALL of our heart, mind, strength and soul. That means we love Him with EVERYTHING we are and EVERYTHING we have.

Secondly He said we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. That means we see the value God has placed upon us. He sees us as worthy. Therefore He knows we need to see the value in those around us.

Thirdly He says we are to even love our enemies. You could NEVER do that without AGAPE. Before my salvation I was an enemy of God and so were you. If Jesus had not AGAPED us enough to die for us we would be eternally lost. What right do I have to accept such love and then not love those who are my enemies?

The love of God causes you to BECOME rather than DO. Your life becomes an example of Who your Father is. That is not demonstrated by works but rather by living a life dedicated to His will in your life and His AGAPE showing first. Without salvation (Agape) I am dead. With salvation I live(Agape).