Adam & Vilma took their honor roll, level 5 girls to the water park.

Teddie called to say violence between two gangs has broken out in Chimaltenango. He had a a team scheduled for there tomorrow so will send them to Casa instead if they choose to make the trip. We have a number of children who attend the university in Chimaltenango so pray for their protection.

We are leaving at 3am tomorrow from Norman, Ok & driving to Hoover, Al. Pray for us to travel the 700 miles without incident.

The folks at Trinity Baptist were very responsive & made it clear they would be coming to Casa in the future.

Buen Pastor Boys helping take 1500 blocks to the third floor
Buen Pastor Boys helping take 1500 blocks to the third floor


There are many visitors to Casa who email or write me after their visit & seek information about coming for a long term position. I have never asked anyone to come and join our staff. I never want anyone later to blame it on me. I just ask them if they have heard God call them to Casa and if they say “Yes” we will consider them.

Have you ever wondered what would be the job description of Jesus when He came into this world? His job description as given to Him by His Heavenly Father was “to lead us into an intimate love relationship with God Himself”.

Could it be any more simple? Could it be any more clear? Recently before I spoke at a church I was asked by a gentleman why I was getting so involved in medically suffering children when it cost so much more for us to care for a child with kidney failure than a child who was healthy. It is about $1100 per month per child on dialysis.

My answer was that he did not understand what I was saying. It is not about building medical facilities or caring for ill children. It is about providing a reason for those sick children to be sent to us so that we can tell them about Jesus. If a child has a few years to live in this natural world how much is their soul worth to tell them about Jesus so that their eternal life will be with Him. The cost of a child’s soul?

It is a no brainer to me!! I believe every Christian has the same job description that Jesus had and that is to lead others into an intimate love relationship with God the Father.