Jim and Linda

We drove to Fayetteville to see Jim & Linda, She has broken her leg. Then we headed towards Norman, Oklahoma where we will minister at Trinity Baptist at 6pm Wednesday.

Since returning to the  states the Lord has healed me spirit, soul and body daily. This is the best I have felt in the last 4 years. He has renewed my mind, restored my body and given me a vision for the future of Casa.

Josue’ has been invited to teach in 11 schools so he will have to make a return trip to the USA in order to minister to them. So, again, I feel that God truly spoke to me about Josue’ and I am seeing it come to pass.

The Americans made this to cook hotdogs for the kids.
The Americans made this to cook hotdogs for the kids.

Psalms 66:9 “Our lives are in his hands, and he keeps our feet from struggling”.  The hand of God is an indication of His power, authority and sovereignty. Life is a gift from God so when we were born we were born into the hands of God.

All the changes in our lives are also in the hands of God. All of the changes in my life are in the hands of God. He has numbered our days. Dr Herring told me the other day “I want to finish strong”. Those are the very words that I have spoken many times the last 2 years as we prepare for the future. I want to work hard and leave this world in the strength which God has given me. I feel so refreshed and ready for the challenges of the transition of certain young people into my position as well as the challenge of the dialysis program.

God is in control of our lives from the moment of conception until the day we enter His heavenly kingdom. He arranges and appoints my steps to bring me to His will.