Board meeting

We drove to Little Rock where we had our board meeting at Wes & SueAnn’s home. Thom, Melvin, Lori & Debbie attended & we were blessed at all God has done. We spoke of the transition steps we are taking as well as a dozen other topics.

As low as I have felt the last few months I am now on as high a high as can be. God has restored my strength. I am ready for another 26 years of ministry.

Yesterday the NC team went shopping for Christmas gifts. Adam’s team and the older boys installed more stoves for widows.


Our drummers
Our drummers

I think that many of my children feel that they have no worth or no value. So many children at Casa have never heard their family say,  “I love you”.  I remember a friend of mine, Leroy, whom we were visiting and his daughter who was then about 19 came into the room and went and sat on his lap. It was a picture I thought of often after that thinking what it must be like to come home and sit on your father’s lap regardless of your age.

Recently a girl told me “My daddy did not love me enough to rape me”. I knew what she was saying. She was unnoticed, insignificant and invisible. How terrible it is to be unwanted! I can see why we read so much of Jesus touching others. He touched the lepers, the blind, the infirm and those whom no one else deemed important enough to touch.

It is difficult to believe that you are created in God’s image when you view yourself as nothing but junk or trash. But you are created in His image. He made you because He wanted to have a relationship with you. He wanted to have someone to love and to hold.

You may not FEEL like He loves you but you can KNOW that He does. How? Simple! He died for you and no one will die for someone they do not love!!!!