What is real terrorism?

Antony had another surgery for the varicose veins in his esophagus & stomach. He recovered from surgery last night extremely fast & was playing within an hour so this one was much easier on his body.

The school had a Christian program this morning. Billy & Ezdras along with the teaching staff are doing a bang-up job. Lee gave his testimony to the children & it is truly powerful.

Gladys is having a praise, worship & prayer time with all of the children EVERY Friday night.

Antony following surgery
Antony following surgery


Over the last 20 years we have experienced the unprovoked attack upon innocent people in nations around the world. Thousands have died by suicide bombs some of which have been attached to women and children. There have been copycat terrorism acts of 9/11 hijacking of air liners and murders of more innocent some, children and men.

But the terrorism I fear the most for my children is the terrorism brought upon us by those who should be our protectors. The Supreme Court of the United States has killed millions and millions of innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers. 1,795 babies are killed in the USA EACH DAY. The USA has killed 58,146,656 babies since Roe vs Wade in 1973 and the world has killed 1,344,023,682 in that time period. That is 1/7 of the entire population in the world today.

But another act of terrorism is the destruction of marriage and family by the Supreme Court. The goal of Satan is to destroy the home. That was the first institution God created. One man/one woman and they were to produce children. Two men cannot bear a child and neither can two women. The Bible tells us of the roles of the husband and the roles of the wife and if obeyed and followed God will bless that family.

My point is not political. My point is while we are ticking our heads into the air shivering at the fear of ISIS or Al Queda or some home-grown terrorism Satan is terrorizing the world within the very walls of our home. If he can destroy marriage and family and the lives of unborn babies the foundations will be gone.