Rotary International Pin
Rotary International Pin

The District Governor of Rotary International for all of Central America, Rene Villanueva, came today with an entourage to look at where the mechanical cow installation will be housed. He surprised me by removing his International pin and presenting it to me. It means “Being a Gift”. I was very honored.

The Health Department came to inspect and there were no problems whatsoever.

Dr. Timothy You from California came by with a small group. They are interested in helping with the medical program. That could be marvelous.

The vice-president is in jail facing charges of embezzling money from containers entering the port. This is just one of the reasons we have trouble importing things for the children.

Chad & Abby’s son broke his nose & will need minor surgery.

International Rotarians. The Governor is the large man
International Rotarians.
The Governor is the large man

When Mary poured perfume on Jesus & Judas responded with “What a waste” Jesus told Judas to leave her alone.  John 12: 1-11

Three Reasons to Leave Mary Alone

  1. Verse 8b: Leave her alone, because you do not always have me with you.                                          You will die, and never see me again.
  1. Verse 8a: Leave her alone, because the poor you always have with you.                                              You don’t love the poor. And you don’t love me. You love money
  2.  Verse 7: Leave her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of my burial.                                   Don’t hinder her from keeping her love and wonder and joy in the face of my death.                    Jesus wants her to keep her gratitude, her amazement, her wonder, her love.


Jesus said, “Well done” to Mary.   Eternal joy!

Luke 22:3-6 Satan Enters Into Judas.     Eternal sadness!