Our high school seniors will begin their internships next week. 6 week internships are required for graduation. So they will actually be working in the field they chose for their college studies.

There is a pastor in PecPan near Paquil who lives in a tin shack with his family. We can build him a house for $3,500. If you want to help send it to Lake Charles with a note “PecPan”.

One of our boys, Isaac, has been ministering inn 3 different churches. That makes a father’s heart burst with pride.

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Have you ever asked God “Why do you love me?” or “Why have you put up with me for so long?”

God loves me because it is His character to love His creation. We are made in His image. Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image”. When a godly man has a son it changes that man forever. To become a father is one of the greatest of all joys and thrills.

Being made in God’s image does not mean that I am God or even like God. It is as though I am a photograph of God. We alone in all of God’s cation can communicate with Him. Trees, animals, birds or any other of His creation can speak directly with Him.

We have a relationship of deep familiarity that none of His creation has. We can “Know” Him. Adam and Even knew Him but because they sinned that relationship was forever ruined. Things would never be the same again. But because of Jesus we can know the Heavenly Father. And there is no more Garden of Eden but Jesus has prepared a place for us.

Where we are going if we are Christians will make the Garden of Eden seem like just another national park. It will be beyond anything we could ever even imagine.

Why does He love us so much?