Angelica’s grandfather passed away so we sent her to her village for the funeral.

Marilyn was robbed of her purse & school books on a bus going to the university.

We have begun buying the extra food, paying college tuitions in advance and getting pay books in order for our trip home which is nearing quickly.

School prayer time
School prayer time

I believe that it is not possible for us to feel the pain of another person unless we also have experienced pain. For many years I have said that compassion is your pain in my heart. After many years of living I still believe that to the depth of my soul.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever wake up without pain. All I want to be is a grandfather but the losses and discourages seem to have increased over the last few years rather than fade away. But pain is not unique to me. The majority of folks who woke up today awakened to some sense of pain, loss, emptiness or sadness.

So when I arise in the morning I ask myself what are my motives today. I have an idea that most people who awake to disappointment, discouragement, etc make excuses. Motives are not what they focus on.

Why make excuses when you can simply make a plan and get to the job at hand. The truth is you have to get busy and stay busy. You have look around and see who is hurting more than you are and give yourself to them.