Lust of the Eyes

This has been a hard month but it has also been a month of blessings. More children were saved in July than any other month in the last 2 years.

Sindy 2 in dialysis seldom smiles so this is awesome.
Sindy 2 in dialysis seldom smiles so this is awesome.


Yesterday we spoke of the lust of the flesh & today we want to share that what we see can damn us if we continue to look. God refers to this as the lust of the eyes.  The devil has used  good things and twisted them to become evil. TV has great preachers as well as clean and decent programs but Satan has poured filth into the airways. The same can be said about books, magazines and photographs. The internet can be a tremendously positive tool but can also destroy others with gossip, lies, pornography, etc.

What you look at immediately becomes a thought and those thoughts can eventually become actions. We can see how powerful visual stimulation has been for ISIS and Al Quida over the last few years.

Whatever fruit God told Eve to avoid was not bad in itself. God was seeking obedience. He lust for it through her eyes led her to disobedience and finally death.