If I could change #3

Physical therapy today was the best of the 7 sessions so far. But I can tell that I have a long way to go.


Americans helping with the new laundry room.
Americans helping with the new laundry room.

The physical therapy I am going through has made me slow down. In fact, I even asked myself what would happen if I did not do something I had scheduled for today. Would the world end? Time does not have to be an enemy. Time can actually become your friend.

As I age and especially the last 16 months since back surgery I have learned to manage my time better. For 72 years I have been a full speed ahead sort of man. I am learning to designate which may be one of the most difficult activities I have ever attempted. Letting go is not easy for me.

When I was younger my Grandfather said I was like a bull dog. I would just hold on to whatever I was wanting to achieve and not let go. Dottie and I have learned over the years to live modestly. We have not had a home to ourselves in many years and even when we were in Lake Charles we had teens staying with Tony and Chad nightly. So it has been 37 years that we have lived like this.

Bigger is not always better! The world things that size is what is important. The world believes that the more expensive something is the better it is. But God is trying to teach my old hard head I am not as young as I use to be. Slow down!