I wish I had known

We received two new girls, ages 11 & 12, because of physical problems in their family.

Billy has begun looking at what staff we will need for the new school year which begins in February.

Shirley made this for Dottie
Shirley made this for Dottie


Yesterday I gave you three things I wish I would have known when I graduated from high school in 1961. Here are four more things.

  1. I wish I would have know patience and learning to wait.    My life has been blessed but I know if I would have slowed down and made my decisions with patience it would have been much easier. I had to do a lot of backtracking.
  2. I wish I would have known that life is a journey. I rushed so much in my life and rarely took time to relax.  It is all about choice. No matter how far you go in life if you are on the wrong road you do not end up where you should.
  1. I wish I would have been more fair and stood up for what is right. It is when the pressure is on then your true character comes out. I could have been a better friend, father, husband and Christian.
  2. I wish I would have learned that day by day God will lead you if you listen with a goal in mind. Through the years I have learned to focus on God but still the pressure gets to me & I look in another direction. I lose sight of what is most important. Seeking HIS GOALS in my life may be where I have failed the most.