The autopsy says the baby died from septic shock. It is unimaginable the hospital said she was ok & sent her home. A total lack of professionalism as well as no compassion!

Alvaro is fine & returned home from his surgery today.

We received a tremendous gift today: a 53 foot trailer and the International truck that goes with it. I was overwhelmed.

Can you believe this?
Can you believe this?

The fifth thing I desire to do as a father is to love my children even when it is very difficult. In 27 years and over 5000 children you can imagine how many times a child has been rude, mother-off, lied to me, stolen from another child and said, “I hate you”.

Children are sometimes not lovable little cute teddy bears. They become teens and the pressure becomes more powerful and the “love your enemy” words of Jesus is standing right there in front of you in your own home. But God would want you to love that child/teen just like He loves you. I am certainly not lovable to God.

The sixth desire of my heart is to give my children a love for the church of God. I try to praise with all of my heart and I study to try and bring as much of the Word of God to the children as I can. They will one day leave Casa and I want them to be important cogs in a local church.

Finally I want to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I do not want to preach kindness, I want to be kind. I do not want to teach tithing, I want them to see generosity. You get the idea. The children need a LIVING BIBLE and that should be their parents.