Another broken arm playing soccer

One of the teen boys, Alvaro, broke his arm & would you believe that the physicians allowed Kevin to scrub up & assist in the surgery? What an awesome experience for Kevin! He lives in the house with us and desires to be a physician.

Walter continues to gather the necessary documents concerning the death of the baby.

Alfaro's arm before surgery
Alvaro’s arm before surgery


It is not easy being a father. One cynic, speaking from his own experience, noted that children go through four fascinating stages. First they call you DaDa. Then they call you Daddy. As they mature they call you Dad. Finally they call you collect.

I pray that I would be a better father so I tell myself the following:

  1. I will never be too busy. Sometimes Dottie and I feel as though we have a child tugging at each finger, toe, leg and arm but we cannot be so busy we do not stop to listen, hug or share what is needed.
  2. I need to base my life on the Word of God. Reading and studying but especially sharing what I learn with the children and living it out in front of them.
  3. I will always praise God never being ashamed to show emotion and love towards Christ.
  4. I will be my child’s best cheerleader. If I scored a touchdown my father would cheer. If I fumbled he would not criticize me. He would just be there & help me through the pain. That is what I want to do as a father.