A pleasant surprise

We were informed today that the latest university in Guatemala will be opening an extension right here in San Bartolome’ less than 2 miles from my front gate. Alelua!!

There was a drug bust 12 miles from Casa and those arrested included 8 policemen and 5 civilians. Even the crooked cops outnumber the crooked folks.

Luis’s mother came & we worked out a plan and he is as happy as can be. He just loved on me after he heard what were going to do in order for her to spend days here with him.

The second floor is being poured soon & construction of the 3rd floor is beginning.
The second floor is being poured soon & construction of the 3rd floor is beginning.


One of my heroes in the Bible is Caleb. And this is not just cause he was as old as I am. He and Joshua went with the other ten spies into the Promised Land & saw the giants. When the otter spies went into terror mode “Did you see how big this guys are?” Caleb went into faith mode.

He knew that God had already given them the land. He realized they only needed to obey God and enter that land and God would defeat the enemy.

Have you ever been around a group of negative people? Bad news comes and it spreads like a wild fire in the dry mountains of California. The bad news eventually will bring more negativity and then you have a group of bad attitudes. Bad stuff always is on the news and in the media. Good stuff is seldom, if ever, the headlines or the lead story.

The reason TV and radio give the negative is because that is what gets our attention. But my hero, Caleb, simply defied the majority and began speaking of the positive. He told the others that God had actually prepared the enemy for them as though he cooked them in a stew. He said, “They are BREAD for us”.

What is your diet? What do you look for? What do you want to hear? What do you enjoy telling others? Good things or bad things?