Sebastian, Tim, Ada & Julissa attended a 9 hour instruction class for the new Mechanical Cow which will arrive in December. We will make soy milk  as well as soy tortillas & other soy items.

Jessica, Andy & their group arrived from The Woodlands for a few days as we plan the future of the dialysis unit.

Oscar has been assigned the task of presenting the architectural plans for our school to the Department of Education. This is his first major assignment since graduating.

Our last adopted daughter, Candida, and her husband are expecting baby #2.

My own architect-Oscar
My own architect-Oscar


What is a need? What is a want? Do you realize that in the history of the world the USA has more materially and less enjoyment then ever?

A number of years ago here at Casa there was no water. We had to carry water in 3oo gallon containers in a truck 4 times a day rotating between Brennon, Steve and myself. It was terrible with all the cooking, bathing and commode flushing daily. WATER is a need!

When we had over 100 children 20 years e had no church or dining area. We actually hung black plastic sheets over areas where we could sit and eat or have church. A BUILDING is a necessity. I can give you dozens of examples.

Commercials and advertisers play on our need for more and more and more. We consumers want bigger, faster and better THINGS.  Bigger is better has become the credo of the fast food industry.

Jesus tells us in Luke 12:15 “Be on guard because your life does not consist in the abundance of things.”

So what about my needs? (Tomorrow)