A child was raped at 6 years of age. She came here when she was 16 & last night told me she hurt when she urinated & at other times EVERY DAY of her life. When I asked her why she never told anyone she said her father told her he would kill her. Can you imagine the fear to hide such pain for 5 years. We took her to a gynecologist & will begin treating her. It sickens me to think of such cruelty.

Josue’ left for Honduras today with his Telemedicine program.

Luis has a cold & cough & Keyser has Pain in his lungs. Marjorie is better but all 3 in the hospital.



Change just keeps on a coming doesn’t it? It is both the most common and the mot valuable experience in our lives. It disrupts what you are doing and yet causes you to rethink your life direction. Although the average person will say they do not like change it is necessary for growth.

To handle change you must be flexible. As my dad told me many years ago “Mike, you have to roll with the punches”. And I received my share of punches but I survived and those punches has allowed me to hang in when I rather cut and run. Changes in my life have caused me to realize that no matter how old I get I still must roll with the punches. In other words I must be flexible.