Trust in the Lord

This is the most difficult thing I have ever had to write. Dwight & Betty Walker came here when Adam & Vilma went to the states so they could care for the dorm. They have been telling me of their plans to return permanently. Yesterday while Dwight was driving for pizza for the dorm they were struck by another vehicle & Betty died. Dwight had a head injury.

Jackson and Kimberly were banged up badly but released after midnight and are back at Casa. But Ani is in very bad condition with the left side of her body crushed. Broken jaw, both collar bones & clavicles, 3 bones in her pelvis & worst a ruptured stomach as well as ruptured bladder. She has been in surgery for hours & we know nothing at this point.

Their three sons will arrive today. There is a legal problem due to someone dying so we need your prayers for Dwight, family & the legal process.

Dwight came to me 2 hours before the accident telling me he was returning to the states to sell his home & they would come to Casa soon. He gave me a book as a gift. The title is “Unfinished”.