I am so sad by Ani’s death as well as Betty that I can only walk and listen to sermons on my I-phone. When not listening to sermons I am making radio shows. Today is July 9, 2015 and I have sat and made daily radio shows for KAJN in Crowley, La. all the way through March of 2016. That is 180 daily radio programs. It keeps my mind stayed on Jesus.

The university students are currently enrolling for the July to December semester. That also helps me stay occupied.

We visited with the visitors. They all have been so kind & helpful in keeping the children busy rather than grieving.

Laura will study dialysis but also she will be part of the transformation as we hope she can become Casa's financial officer.
Laura will study dialysis but also she will be part of the transformation as we hope she can become Casa’s financial officer.


If I asked you what is the largest organ in your body would you answer “My skin”? Well it is. An normal adult has 21 square feet of skin and weighs 9 pounds and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels.

I do not get grilled at looking at myself in the mirror naked but if I had no skin to cover me can you image how much more ugly I would be? The skin holds everything in place and helps to prevent bacteria & viruses.  We sweat 3 gallons of water daily.

I shed 50,000 skin cells each day. Every day our shedding skin puts 1,000,000,000 tons of dust into the atmosphere.

I share this to open  few days of teaching about the power of touch. In the 1940s a study of 26 children in an orphanage were studied. 7 of the children were touched throughout their first years and 19 were not touched at all. By age 3 only 2 of the 19 untouched babies could walk or speak.

The ability to TOUCH is something any of u as Christians can do. Years ago I ministered at Carville in Louisiana which was only 1 of 3 leprosy colonies in America. They were referred to as the “Untouchables”. The average person with leprosy does not live 10 years once diagnosed if they are not treated.

No one wants to touch a leper!!!!

Stay tune!!!