It has been the saddest birthday of all my 72 years. This too will pass. The children have all come by dorms & sung for me. I have never heard 1, 2, 3 all the way to 70, 71, 72 so many times in my life.

Two senators her in Guatemala are pushing for the Bible to be part of the curriculum in all schools. That certainly puts them ahead of the USA doesn’t it?

John W, Luke and Jim with their "little" sister Dottie.
John W, Luke and Jim with their “little” sister Dottie.
Can you cut a birthday cake into 40 pieces?
Can you cut a birthday cake into 40 pieces?

James Bonham was off in the far distance not very close to the Alamo when he felt the need to go and make a stand with his fellow Texans. He arrived at the Alamo only 3 days before each and every man including Bonham was slain by the Mexicans.

The bonds that you and I hold dear will make life so much easier. To carry a common cause or a common goal allows us to bear one another’s burdens. But when no one shares your dream or your hope or your vision there comes a great discouragement. To persevere alone may be the hardest or most toughest experience we will ever endure.

Each time I walked outside this week I was loved on by kids and even visitors alike. Many could speak no words but they gave me a hug or a kiss. Often words cannot heal a broken heart. Dottie took me to breakfast for my birthday. I had asked that nothing be said about it but when we returned one teenage boy said, ‘Happy Birthday Papi” and soon there was a chorus of “Happy Birthdays”.

Thinking of my 72 years & looking at Ani’s 19 years overcame me with sadness. Would you believe that with my being surrounded by hundreds of children, nearly 100 visitors and many, many kind and wonderful emails, etc from all over the USA I still feel so lonely!

Loneliness is the opposite of strength and encouragement. Isolation is the devil’s tool. No one felt so isolated as the lepers especially in the time of Jesus. To be noticed by Jesus and then to be touched by Jesus and suddenly to be healed by Jesus which gave the leper a new life in Jesus was more than any leper could ever dream.

The Alamo appeared to be the end of Texas but it was the birth.

The leper appeared to be at the end!! But then it happened!! Touch me Jesus!! Heal my heart Jesus!! Restore me Jesus!!