Some of the staff told me that I had to leave Casa for a couple of days. So after giving my testimony to the teams from New York, Tenn. and N. Carolina Dottie & I did just that. They feel that the change will help my emotions.

My ex son-in-law died this morning at age 31 of a heart attack. Although their marriage was never ideal he did give me a granddaughter. I was told he was attending an Assembly of God church so I trust that he had trusted Jesus before death.

Add CrossPointe Church in Madison, Alabama Wednesday, September 16 to our schedule.



Since Ani’s two brothers returned to Casa today I was thinking that I cannot mention her death in the services, school or dorm. Sensitivity is not one of my long suits at all. Sensitivity means “to sense” or “to perceive”. It is the ability to feel the true attitudes & emotions of others around us.

Have you ever had a callous on your finger? It keeps you from being able to feel things correctly. If a person has a callous heart it means they are not sensitive to the feelings of others. In other words there is no touch of tenderness.

Sensitivity is sensing or feeling the pain of others. In fact, one word Jesus is known to be described as is Compassionate. Compassion is your pain in my heart. Sensitivity is very similar. I believe that adults have learned sensitivity through their own lie experiences. Disappointments, sorrow and hurts occur to all of us. We also have enjoyed happiness, satisfaction and victories also. When you see others experiencing these feelings you become sensitive to their need whether positive or negative. You feel their pain! You feel their joy!

The other day as I prepared to preach the funeral Ani’s mother hugged me. As I held her I said, “OUR daughter”. Although I was not her husband nor was I Ani’s biological father I wanted her mother to know I was feeling exactly the same emotional pain that she (the mother) was feeling.

The world can be an insensitive place to reside. But insensitivity does not need to reside in you.